Alley Cantina
Pueblo de los Suenos
The Alley Cantina, near Historic Taos Plaza, contains the oldest existing structure in Taos.
Pueblo de los Suenos, on Kit Carson Road, is a more recent addition to Taos' architectural scene.

We have established this web site to keep the community informed about planning activities here in the Taos Valley,
and to provide a way for residents, and other interested folks, to comment on those plans. 

Additional information may be found at both the Town and County planning departments.

Holy Cross Hospital Today

Five years ago Holy Cross Hospital was in turmoil.  The financial condition was bleak.  A number of staff had been laid off, and morale had sunk to rock bottom.  The CEO was under fire, and was soon to leave the hospital.  A series of public meetings, lunch provided, failed to attract much attention. 

After a series of temporary replacements, a new CEO, Bill Patten, came on board in the spring of 2015.  Bill was introduced to the public through a series of open meetings, in venues ranging from the Taos Country Club to the Alley Cantina.  The community steppped in to help, passing a mil levy intended to provide an estimated $1 million a year for facility maintenance and replacement. followed that progression here.

Unfortunately, we now seem to be at the same place we were when all this started.  Finances are once more in poor condition.  The mil levy is being considered to cover payroll, not the maintenance of facilities as intended, and as promised to the voters.  Morale is at an all-time low; several valued medical staff members have left for greener pastures in, of all places, Espanola.  Collections from Medicare for overcharges, increases in malpractice insurance premiums, and an ineffectual attempt to install two new information systems at once, have added to the grief.

We have begun a new series, which we call “HCH Phase II”, to follow progress as the hospital attempts to work its way out of this morass.  Our first postings are:

Hospital CEO assures county, staff struggles
By John Miller
The Taos News, 3/15/2018

Are hospitals growing obsolete?
By Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/1/2018

My Turn
Hospital needs community to weigh in on services, payments
Bill Patten
The Taos News, 2/22/2018

Holy Cross CEO covers payroll, seeks more cuts
By John Miller
The Taos News, 2/15/2018

These are the major planning efforts planned and/or underway in the Taos area (click on plan to see details):

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