Alley Cantina
Pueblo de los Suenos
The Alley Cantina, near Historic Taos Plaza, contains the oldest existing structure in Taos.
Pueblo de los Suenos, on Kit Carson Road, is a more recent addition to Taos' architectural scene.

We have established this web site to keep the community informed about planning activities here in the Taos Valley,
and to provide a way for residents, and other interested folks, to comment on those plans. 

Additional information may be found at both the Town and County planning departments.

"I am so proud that the Senate just passed a landmark package of bipartisan legislation that I have championed to protect our public lands,
create new outdoor recreation opportunities, and build on the success of our nation's most effective conservation programs."  Senator Martin Henrich, Feb. 12, 2019

Read the rest of Martin's letter here.

These are the major planning efforts planned and/or underway in the Taos area (click on plan to see details):

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