Alley Cantina
Pueblo de los Suenos
The Alley Cantina, near Historic Taos Plaza, contains the oldest existing structure in Taos.
Pueblo de los Suenos, on Kit Carson Road, is a more recent addition to Taos' architectural scene.

We have established this web site to keep the community informed about planning activities here in the Taos Valley,
and to provide a way for residents, and other interested folks, to comment on those plans. 

Additional information may be found at both the Town and County planning departments.

These are the major planning efforts planned and/or underway in the Taos area (click on plan to see details):

Recent articles from the Taos News:

Taosenos walk the walk
Downtown sidewalks come up short

By Jesse Moya,
The Taos News, 5/17/218

Ranchos-area water district gets $50K for planning in Taos Valley
By Cody Hooks,
The Taos News, 5/17/2018

Groups seek ideas for making downtown Taos pedestrian, bicycle friendly
By Taos Land Trust staff
The Taos News, 5/10/2018

Questa to Red River trails project picks up steam
By Ellen Miller-Goins, Sangre de Cristo Chronicle
The Taos News, 5/10/2018

Trails association begins work on Enchanted Circle plan
Submitted report
The Taos News, 5/10/2018

Taos: What’s the plan?
Staff report
The Taos News, 5/3/2018

‘Taos 2010’ dreams revisited
In 1989, The Taos News asked residents to predict what Taos would he like 20 years into the future. Nearly three decades later, we asked them how it all turned out— and what they now hope for in the years to come.

By Harrison Blackman
The Taos News, 5/3/2018

Strong at Heart: Now what?
By Jesse Moya,
The Taos News, 5/3/2018

Planning to ‘survive and thrive’
A culture of planning can cause burnout, but shared goals need people

By Cody Hooks,
The Taos News, 5/3/2018

Next steps for downtown?

The Taos News, 5/3/2018

Rep. LujŠn pushes wilderness in national monument
By Cody Hooks,
The Taos News, 4/26/2018

My Turn
Thanks to those protecting the Rio Grande
Raena Garcia
The Taos News, 4/19/2018

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