Taos County -- Land Use Development Code

County commission kills land use code

Heated debate precedes 3-2 vote

By J. R. Logan

The Taos News, 2/2/12

Taos County Commissioner Dan Barrone was red with fury after being outvoted by his fellow commissioners who wanted to suddenly “drop” the county’s proposed land use code.

“Six years of work down the drain,” Barrone said Tuesday (Jan. 31) as he stormed into the courtyard of the county administration complex immediately following the vote.

Barrone’s frustration was countered by those who just a few minutes earlier cheered and applauded when commissioners Joe Mike Durán, Andrew Chávez and Larry Sánchez voted to stop the process dead in its tracks. Commissioner Nicklos Jaramillo joined Barrone in voting to keep pushing forward.

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A few months ago, the unveiling of what was then called the “final draft” of the Taos County Land Use Regulations sparked an uproar of public opposition.

This week, Taos County is once again preparing to unveil the most recent “final draft” of the land use code. Taos County Manager Jacob Caldwell told The Taos News Tuesday (Nov. 15) the new version will be “a lot cleaner” than other drafts. Caldwell said previous itera­tions of the code included inconstancies that made it hard to read as a single, coher­ent document.

At a special meeting Nov. 22, the commissioners will consider whether to publish notice of adoption of the land use code. If it does, the county plans to hold public informa­tion meetings over the next several weeks to explain the code and take comments.

The commission would not make a final vote on whether to adopt the new code until sometime in January at the earliest, Caldwell said.

J.R. Logan, The Taos News, November 17, 2011

A copy of the LUDC is available here.

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